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PCL provides strategic advice with result-driven hotel consulting and management services to optimize your business for success.



PCL Hospitality is a proven leader in hotel management and asset consulting services in Thailand. Whether you are developing a hotel from the ground up, negotiating a management contract, optimising operational performance, assessing an acquisition opportunity, or executing a sale, PCL will guide you with insight and advice.
Throughout the hotel investment cycle, we have the expertise and proven ability to help owners achieve their objectives.

Feasibility Study

PCL has been commissioned to conduct hotel feasibility studies on many projects throughout Thailand and Indochina.  The hotel feasibility study is a comprehensive analysis conducted to assess the viability of a proposed hotel project.  It involves evaluating various factors and variables to determine whether the hotel development is financially and operationally feasible. The study provides valuable insights to investors, developers, and stakeholders to make informed decisions about investing in or developing a hotel property.

It involves evaluating market demand, financial projections, location suitability, development costs, operational considerations, and return on the investment (ROI). The study helps stakeholders make informed decisions by providing insights into the potential profitability and challenges of the project. Based on the findings, recommendations are given to either proceed with the project or make necessary adjustments.

PCL will give recommendations on the type of hotels, number of rooms, size of rooms and facilities that the project should have in view of the ROI.

Technical Services / Design Management Consultant

PCL hotel project consultants can support the design team to ensure that the hotel design is functional, supports efficient workflows, enhances the guest experience, and promotes revenue generation.

Architects and interior designers can design aesthetically appealing spaces but, it is equally important to recognize that profitability is driven by the ability to drive revenue and manage the operational costs.  The right space and design are critical to ensure the ROI, this must not be overlooked.

PCL project team works with many international hotel operators on newly built hotel projects and renovation projects, and throughout the years we have developed in-depth knowledge of technical requirement to give quality advise to our independent hotel owners and franchise hotel owners.

Hotel Project Management (pre-con)

PCL has a full-time team that focuses on Project Management, the process of overseeing and coordinating the design aspects of a hotel project, from conceptualization to completion. It involves managing various elements such as architecture, interior design, MEP, lighting, audio visual, IT, kitchen and back of house planning.

Our in-house team specializes in hotel projects only, which gives PCL a competitive advantage compared to the general project consultants.

The key responsibilities include:

  • Project Planning: We collaborate with the project owner and other stakeholders to establish project objectives, scope, and budget.
  • Schedule Management: We develop and manage project schedules, tracking progress and milestones to ensure timely completion.
  • Project Coordination: We act as the central point of contact and facilitate effective communication among all project stakeholders. This involves coordinating the work of different designers, ensuring compliance with plans and specifications, and resolving conflicts or issues that potentially may arise during construction.
  • Cost Estimation and Budgeting: We will work with Quantity Survey (QS) on preparing detailed cost estimates for the entire project.
  • Contractors and Suppliers Selection: We will assist the QS team with the tendering process in selecting the suitable contractors, subcontractors, and direct purchase packages.


  • Site assessment
  • Project feasibility
  • Hotel operator selection
  • Technical service
  • Design team setup
  • Project management

Our hospitality consulting services ensure that when it finally comes time to break ground, everything goes smoothly. From site assessment and project feasibility, to design team setup and the selection of the right hotel operator for your brand, PCL will be at your side throughout the process.

We offer experienced project management services and advice during both the pre- and post-opening phase that will help keep your hospitality project on the path to success.


  • Critical path
  • Pre-opening budget
  • FFE & OSE support
  • Recruitment support
  • Operation setup
  • Business plan & strategy

The pre-opening stage is critical to the success of any hotel. From the moment you break ground, until the doors are opened to your guests, everything you do affects the success of your project.

This is the time when your business plan and brand strategy has to be in place. You must also have the knowledge and assets in place to create a pre-opening budget that covers everything from recruitment support and staff training, to FFE and OSE support. And of course you need a team behind you capable of carrying out your business plan. Our hotel management consulting services guide you through this critical pre-opening phase and into the daily operation of a successful hotel venture.


  • Full asset management
  • Enhance operational performance
  • Maximising profit
  • Business turnaround strategy
  • Repositioning
  • Rebranding

Once you’ve opened your doors to the public, your brand’s reputation and collective assets are the two most important facets of your operation to be monitored to ensure your continued success.

Throughout a hotel’s birth and development, our hotel asset management services are designed to provide the financial foundation that enables a hotel project to take the next step. PCL also offers hotel reputation management services that will ensure your brand is favourably represented in all open communications with the public.

If later down the line you decide that a rebranding or repositioning strategy is necessary then we can offer advice that will preserve the integrity of your brand throughout the process. And if your rebranding or repositioning strategy entails new investment opportunities, we also offer hotel investment consulting services as well.

Post-opening we can continue to provide hotel asset management advice as needed. PCL sees its clients as long-term partners. We can provide our wide range of consulting services for our partners whenever necessary to ensure their continued success.